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Who We Are

Approachable Accounting & Finance Solutions

Offering so much more than your typical accountant

Believe it or not, you do not have to handle all of the stressful accounting solutions on your own. In fact, you don’t even have to hire a big full-time team!


We offer hands-on daily management of your finances so you always know where your business stands. This higher level of service means less stress for you. Rest assured that everything from your basic bookkeeping to your financial statements and forecasting will be accurate and compliant. Additionally, our experience in the construction world gives us first-hand knowledge and experience with the industry’s nuances.


Choose us as your accounting provider to make growing your business that much easier. No more procrastination or panicking over messy books. Enjoy a clear path to becoming more profitable and doing more of what you love.

My dream began forming over a decade ago while working in corporate accounting. 


My vision: To provide excellent, accurate accounting and finance solutions to a range of businesses.


Whether they need an experienced bookkeeper or corporate controller on a part-time basis or improved financial systems, efficiency, and confidence in their books—I wanted to help business owners reach the next level.


Accurate financial records are vital to the growth and stability of your business. Without a skilled accountant to give you sufficient insight and data, your company could be at significant risk. Unfortunately, many business owners only realize this when it’s too late. Many entrepreneurs are also intimidated by accounting and finance responsibilities, which can be time-consuming and confusing.


Tired of watching businesses muddle through, I decided the best way I could serve clients is to take accounting and finance off their plate. I returned to college to obtain both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting while simultaneously working full-time for several large, well-known firms in the construction industry.


I finally brought my dream to fruition in January 2020 when I founded Check & Balance Business Solutions. My 22 years of diverse experience in the construction, wholesale distribution, and service industries combined with my education have provided me with detailed knowledge of the accounting and operations process and how each plays a role in affecting bottom-line results.

Today, my mission is to help businesses continue to be profitable and remain compliant while allowing owners to focus on growing and doting on their passions.

Tori Ryder
Operations Manager

Meet Tori! Tori began her career in education in 1997 after receiving a B.S. from Boston University (Wheelock College of Education). Upon graduating, she moved to San Francisco and co-founded Bay Area Wilderness Training, a non-profit whose "train the trainers" model empowered adults who work with urban youth to provide outdoor educational opportunities. In 2002, she returned to the east coast and studied at Antioch University receiving a Master's Degree in Education. After completing her graduate work, she held various education and management roles at organizations and schools in New Hampshire, which then led her to the American Academy of Health and Beauty, where she became a member of the administrative team. As the Program Director there, she led the financial aid, education and compliance departments. She was also instrumental in implementing curriculum, enrollment strategies, and student retention. Tori's professional experience provides Check and Balance Business Solutions with years of competency in program development, business administration, and executive leadership.


Donna Sovie
Owner & CEO

Kayla Sovie
Executive Administrative

Meet Kayla! Originally accepted into the New York School of Interior design as a high school senior in 2013, she decided to change majors after discovering a passion for helping others and a strong interest in psychology. While studying psychology at Plymouth State University from 2014-2017 she worked various jobs in customer service. On her summers off from school she worked as an administrative assistant at Aberthaw Construction alongside her mother Donna, who held the position of the company’s Controller. In late 2017 she took a step back from school to gain professional experience in the Psychology field, and accepted a job as a Behavior Therapist. After 6 months of training she took the exam to become a Registered Behavior Therapist (RBT), providing services in a clinic setting as well as in the homes of young individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Along with the trials and tribulations of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, she had her first son and became a stay at home mom. At this time her mother Donna had just begun Check and Balance Business Solutions. After a year of navigating running a small business during the pandemic, Check and Balance defied the odds and became a huge success. In summer 2021 Donna was able to hire Kayla as her first official employee, with the position of Executive Administrative Assistant. Her lifelong passion for design provided a great starting point for taking over Check and Balances’ social media and branding needs. Along with being in charge of social media and branding, Kayla handles the majority of the behind the scenes work such as managing our new client portal, newsletter, and administrative support for operations.

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Catherine Cloutier

Meet Catherine! Catherine Cloutier has been working in the Accounting field for over 20 years. Her career began in 2002 after graduating from The University of New Hampshire with her Bachelor of Science degree specializing in Business Administration. In 2010 she completed her Master of Business Administration from Southern New Hampshire University. She began as an Administrative Assistant at an international software company and continued to grow through a variety of roles including International Accounting Manager, Corporate Controller, to most recently the Director of Finance and Operations. Throughout that time, she played an integral role in managing an international and domestic accounting team, acquiring several software companies, the asset sale of a company, along with all the day to day accounting and human resource activities through working hands on with the Board of Directors and everything in between. Catherine brings with her a diverse background of experience, attention to detail, and a can-do attitude. When Catherine is not working, she enjoys spending time with her two teenage children, cooking, baking, reading, and teaching yoga.


Our Values


We will never sugarcoat the facts. Honesty is the only thing that will take your business to new heights, even when it’s tough to hear. The good news is that once we show you what needs to be fixed, we will use the data to make positive changes. You won’t have to worry for long because we’ll set you up for future success.


It’s likely the first thing we all look for in an accountant. You can trust Check & Balance thanks to our many years of experience and knowledge. Plus, we are always working toward professional growth so we can provide clients with highly efficient, always-compliant systems. And since it’s a two-way street, we trust our clients to be open and honest with us in order to deliver the best possible accounting solutions.


We always operate with our client’s best interests in mind. You will never be pressured into services, systems, or options that do not feel right or fit your company and goals. This is why we offer such a variety of services: You enjoy flexibility and customization at a price and capacity that works for you.

Are you ready for a new approach to your accounting and finances?

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