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Donna Sovie, owner of Check and Balance Business Solutions

Accounting Services
& Financial Insight to Elevate Your Business

Understand your company’s financial health.
Enjoy more freedom to do what you love.

Why Work with
Check & Balance Business Solutions?

Experience a higher level of accounting services combined with an approachable, down-to-earth style.

More than a
Bookkeeping Service

When you partner with us, you gain a controller and CFO looking at your books daily. We act as an extension of your team and provide you with direct attention through a monthly financial statement and budget review.


Get a clear picture of your cash flow and how your business is operating. We’ll ensure you:

  • Understand which revenue streams are most profitable.

  • Know how to control costs to add more to your bottom line.

  • Are equipped to navigate through opportunities while recognizing risks.

Time & Freedom

You started your own business to serve clients by doing what you love—not by crunching numbers. With accounting and bookkeeping off your plate, you can grow your passion and rest easy knowing your financials are in highly qualified hands.


Accounting is just one part of your business.

While proper accounting management is crucial to your business’s growth, it shouldn’t weigh you down and take away from the joys of doing the work that you love. 

You may be hesitant at the thought of trusting someone else with something as delicate as your financials. And how can you find the level of accounting services that suit your company’s unique needs?

Check & Balance Business Solutions has options for various requirements and comfort levels, from solopreneurs to large organizations.

We’re a Perfect Fit If:

  • You are tired of spending time and energy on your books.

  • Your “books” consist of a messy stack of receipts and no insight into your spending and profits.

  • Your thriving service-based business requires someone to analyze and build more advanced systems.

  • You recently hired your first W2 employee and need a payroll consultant and system.

  • Your construction company needs efficient job costing and work-in-process accounting.

  • Your fast-growing team calls for an evaluation of your HR policies and procedures.

  • Your internal team needs training on your new accounting software.

Does any of the above hit close to home?

tired of bookkeeping

Our Process

Whether this is your first time outsourcing, or you’ve tried it before and been burned, we understand the importance of transparency and finding the right match in your accounting partner. 


Here’s a look at what it’s like to work with Check & Balance Business Solutions:


Complimentary Consultation

We always start with an initial complimentary consultation. We’ll get to know you and your business and gain a high-level understanding of your current systems. You’ll share your most significant pain points and obstacles, and we’ll give you an overview of how our accounting services can address your business’s needs.


Opening Up Your Books

Next, we will analyze your books to gain a better idea of your business’s daily operations and financial health. We will then give you a quote and custom strategy, which we will review together in a follow-up meeting. This assessment also allows us to identify areas where your business can reduce expenses and boost profits.


Executing Your Customized Strategy

Once you are happy with the proposed strategy and the paperwork is signed, we will put your accounting plan into action! This might mean Check & Balance manages everything or works alongside you and your team. It could require cleaning up and improving specific systems or building new ones.

Either way, we will ensure your business is compliant, efficient, and equipped with the data necessary to move forward.


Ready to outsource your accounting?

outsource accounting


"I started my business with C&B! Donna & her team have been very communicative and easy to work with.
Just this week, I noticed changes that needed to be made in our P&Ls and Catherine was helpful in quickly making those adjustments and answering my questions.
They make payroll very easy to do, as well. It only takes a couple of minutes every few weeks"!

— Jed Jones, Owner of Determined Martial Arts

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