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Know Your Numbers: Accounting Made Easy

Get Rapid Clarity on Your Business Finances... Without Overwhelm, Confusion, or Boredom

The Most Dangerous Mistake in Business...

Is a mistake you don’t discover until it’s too late to fix. And many of these mistakes are often related to finances.

It might be overestimating your cash flow from operations when you’re trying to scale, taking on too much debt without understanding the ramifications, or making key business decisions based on poor financial data - or no data at all!

We don’t know what we don’t know, so even if you have a bookkeeper or accountant, you might not always know what they’re talking about... or if their interpretation of the data is even the correct one!

And, as a business owner, you don’t need to understand all of the nitty gritty details. You just need to know enough to:


Make Informed Business Decisions

You don’t need to understand all of the exemptions, exclusions and other potentially mind-numbing details of accounting.

But there is a foundation of knowledge that is critical to have as a business owner.

If you know the basics of accounting, how to read a couple of different forms of financial reports and statements, and how to identify the most common accounting mistakes... that’s all you need!

And you can learn this a lot faster than you might think.


Accounting Foundations Made Simple

I’ve been doing accounting for 22 years and I’ve seen which concepts are critical for business owners to understand... and which are better left to number-crunchers with decades of experience.

But even more importantly: I know exactly how to explain these concepts in a way that won’t put you to sleep and might even be fun. Imagine that!

Understanding these foundations will give you confidence and peace of mind and let you make smart business decisions because you’ll know exactly where your business is financially at every moment.

Here are the foundations you'll learn:

accounting services check and balance business solutions
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Using a Basic Accounting System and Understanding Accounting Transactions

module 2.png

Making Sense of Debits and Credits

module 3.png

 Financial Statements and How to Read Them

module 4.png

Identifying Mistakes and How to Correct Them Quickly

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In Summary: What Did We Learn?


"Donna and the team at Check & Balance Business Solutions are all incredible! They were able to explain everything to me in terms I would understand, provided very clear suggestions and next steps, and are very professional! Not that I want another accounting problem for my small business, but if I do have one - I'll be heading back to Check & Balance immediately. Thank you!!"


Sydney O'Neil
Owner of Sage & Oak Creative

"Donna is an amazing part of my team. When my business hit the next level and I needed more support, I found Donna to be a tremendous and knowledgeable asset. She is thorough, communicates well and has a great working system that is efficient and timely."


Jodie Gallant
Owner of JMG Business Strategy

"Very happy with Check and Balance Solutions. If your business needs help with accounting and bookkeeping these guys are great. Donna Sovie has an excellent background in accounting with a masters degree and experience working in complex financial environments in the public and private sector. She and her team are professional and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended".


Ben Robertson
Owner of Menadena, LLC

I’m Donna Sovie

Donna Sovie.png

I started my career at 19 years old working as a receptionist, and shortly after began working in accounts payable. From there I worked my way up the accounting chain at various companies spanning across different industries handling the day-to-day finances, cost accounting, reporting and contract agreements. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Accounting in 2013 and my Master’s in 2016, during this time I became a Controller at the construction company I was currently working for.  I continued to rise to the C-Suite level of executive management in the corporate world as the leader of the accounting department for companies in the construction sector. Although I had climbed to the top of the accounting ranks and made a comfortable living to support my family, something was missing. The long days, stress, and no work/life balance that came along with being an executive motivated me to act on my decade-long dream of starting Check & Balance Business Solutions from my own home.

I finally brought my dream to fruition in January 2020 when I founded

Check & Balance Business Solutions. My 22+ years of diverse experience in the construction, wholesale distribution, and service industries,  combined with my education, have provided me with detailed knowledge of the accounting and operations process and how each plays a role in affecting bottom-line results. 

I decided the best way I could serve small businesses was to educate business owners while taking the accounting and finance tasks off their plate. Today, my mission is to help businesses continue to be profitable and remain compliant while allowing owners to focus on growing and doting on their passions.

Choose the Right Option for You

  • 5 Modules of Course Content

  • Lifetime Access to Digital Downloads, Worksheets, and Exercises

  • Downloadable Audio Files for Each Lesson

  • PLUS 1 1-on-1 Video Sessions Directly with Donna (30 mins)

  • Monthly live Q&A's

+ Tons of more content and materials.

  • ​5 Modules of Course Content

  • Lifetime Access to Digital Downloads, Worksheets, and Exercises

  • Downloadable Audio Files for Each Lesson

  • Two 1-on-1 Video Sessions Directly with Donna (30 mins)

  • Monthly live Q&A's

+ Tons of more content and materials.

  • 5 Modules of Course Content

  • Lifetime Access to Digital Downloads, Worksheets, and Exercises

  • Downloadable Audio Files for Each Lesson

  • Five 1-on-1 Video Sessions Directly with Donna (30 mins)

  • Monthly live Q&A's

+ Tons of more content and materials.



  • Why can’t someone just “do my books” for me?
    They can! But as the business owner, you need to understand how & why someone doing your books is making the decisions they are. As a business owner, if a critical mistake slips past your bookkeeper, it’s your business that’s on the line. Not theirs. That’s why you need to be able to review their work for grave errors or mistakes
  • I already do the books myself. Why do I need this course?
    That’s great! But are you sure you’re doing it 100% correctly? We’re all human and we don’t know what we don’t know. I’ve seen bookkeepers who have been doing it for years make critical mistakes that would have been very costly if not caught.
  • I don't have a lot of extra time to sit in front of my computer to take this course, is there a way I can listen and learn while on the go?
    Yes! All of the lessons are available as digital downloads which you have immediate access to upon purchasing the course. To make it even easier, by downloading the Kajabi app to your mobile device, you can listen to the lessons from anywhere.
  • Is there a money-back guarantee?
    No, this course does not have a money-back guarantee. The information offered in this course is useful and timeless. I want you to buy the course with confidence knowing that you will be able to implement the professional tips I have provided. Not only that, by taking advantage of the added support each package offers, you will gain further knowledge and receive support that is invaluable.
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